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Temporary graduation certificates have been delivered to female students who have graduated from the last academic year 2019/2020
 The College Postgraduate Committee met on Sunday 20/12/2020 Headed by Prof. Dr. Zainab Al Samahi - Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies at the College and in the presence of: Prof. Dr. Abeer Mansi, Dr. Enas Al-Basal Dr. Salwa Aljyar, a. Hala Ezz El Din Saqr In order to discuss the important topics of the committee

The Board of Directors for the Journal of the Faculty of Early Childhood Education approved the publication of the journal periodically four times a year (quarterly) instead of twice a year (semi-annually).
In order to facilitate the female students and out of concern for the public interest, and based on instructions from the university's higher management and the directives of Mrs. Amal Hassouna, Dean of the College, the students of the three teams (first - second - third) will be evaluated On the practical side, for the student to raise the final application assignments on the course professor’s electronic platform and communicate with his Excellency, and his Excellency will perform the evaluation process remotely, and the students will start uploading to the platforms from Saturday 8/8/2020 until Thursday 20/8/2020 and we wish everyone success
Prof. Amal Hassouna - Dean of the College of Early Childhood Education - Port Said University has the honor to announce the start of the work on the new bachelor’s stage of the credit hours system in the new academic year 2020-2021 by the ministerial decision and the executive order received from the university for students who have obtained high school this year to join the college in the division First

Control and correction work has started for the students of the three undergraduate teams for the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the opening of the door to reduce alienation, as follows:
● Corresponding conversion is within the minimum limits of the sector.
● Non-matching transfer shall be by fulfilling the minimum college to be transferred to.
● Adhere to the rules of geographical distribution.
● Transfer via the electronic coordination website.
● There are no paper transfers.
● The transfer is for one time only.
● Satisfying the transfer conditions for some colleges, such as (aptitude tests) that were conducted before the start of the first phase coordination.
● The differentiation between students is based on the high school total.

The staff of the Graduate Studies Department of the college continued to receive application papers for those wishing to enroll in postgraduate studies for the academic year 2020-2021, as the door for submissions will be closed on Thursday 10/15/2020