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For the second day in a row under the supervision of Dr. Amal Hassouna, members of the administrative system and students went to their committees to cast their votes in the referendum on the amendment of some articles of the Constitution, thus bringing the faculty members and students closer to the 100% Also yesterday, postgraduate students also went to cast their votes on the first day of the referendum In this context, Dr. Amal Hassouna stressed that the national motive is the main engine for all parties to the process within the university in general and the kindergarten college in particular
In the context of community participation under the patronage of His Excellency. Dr. Shams El Din Shaheen - President of the University and Supervising. Dr. Amal Hassouna, Dean of the College. M. Dr. Zeinab Al-Samahi, Vice Dean for Service Affairs Society and Environmental Development The College of Kindergarten announces the establishment of a celebration of Orphan Day on Tuesday 16/4/2019 at 10:00 am.
Cardiac congratulations
Prof. Amal Hassouna, Dean of the College, congratulates Professor Galal Salem, Professor of

Physical Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club on the occasion of the

decision to appoint Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Port Said University
With best wishes for your success

Félicitations à Dr. Jalal Salem
Ms. Amal Hassouna, Dean of the College, and the Agents and Gentlemen, are members of the Board

The faculty and staff, and the secretary of the faculty and staff, for her sincere condolences to Professor Noorin

Beauty Assistant teacher in the Department of Educational Sciences in the void of sovereignty, calling the Lord Almighty

To enter the room of his generosity and the blessings of God in the mercy of his mercy and his spaciousness and generosity all of you

Professor Amal Hassouna is the Dean of the College

My sincere congratulations to the Egyptian people and their great army

On the occasion of Sinai Liberation Day
The Faculty of Kindergarten announces the start of the

EndNote course for faculty members On Tuesday,

30/4/2019 at 2 pm at the Faculty of Specific Education