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The inventory works in the College stores for the fiscal year 2018/2019 have been completed The exchange began on Monday, 1/7/2019
The staff should complete the following forms and submit them to the Personnel

Affairs Office at the College:

 Social status declaration form*

 Employee data model*

    * Model (105)
The Information Technology Services Unit of the College, in collaboration with the IT Training Project in the University, will organize a training course for postgraduate students on ICTP modules. March 2019 Book your place Limited Number The trainee gets a certified certificate
Dr. Amal Hassouna is the dean of the faculty of faculty, professors and members of the faculty Teaching Assistant, the Assistant Secretary, the College Secretary and the members of the administrative and security staff Hearted on the occasion of the coming of the holy month of Ramadan ... God restored us and the Islamic nation with good and blessings.
Dr. Amal Hassouna, Dean of the College, the faculty members, the faculty members, the assistant staff, the secretary of the faculty, the administrative structure and all the employees, express their heartfelt congratulations to the Christian brothers on the occasion of the Holy Feast of the Holy Resurrection and on behalf of themselves and the family of the kindergarten. On this happy occasion And pray to Allah that all the people of Egypt will enjoy good and peace ..... Happy New Year
Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Amal Hassouna, and based on the national duty that drives all aspects of the educational process within our distinguished university, the students of the college for postgraduate studies on the first day of the referendum to amend some articles of the Egyptian Constitution to meet the appeal of the beloved and responsible to cast their votes according to the principle of active participation in one of the benefits of the people In order to continue the process of development and construction initiated by the current political leadership headed by President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, President of the Republic since taking over the state
The Committee on Foreign Cultural and Scientific Relations met on Wednesday, 10/4/2019 at Tammam 11:00 pm, chaired by Prof. Dr. Amal Mohamed Hassouna, Chairman of the Committee and Dean of the College, to discuss the important topics of the Committee
Practical Education Related to the students of the fourth year of the College for the second half of the academic year 2018/2019