The College of Kindergarten was founded by the Department of Kindergarten at the Faculty of Specific Education, Suez Canal University until a decision was issued to separate the Kindergarten Department, thus creating the College of Kindergarten University of Port Said and start the study in the academic year 2008/2009
  The College of Kindergarten in Port Said has three sections (Educational Sciences - Psychological Sciences - Basic Sciences) in order to produce kindergarten teachers equipped with the standards of preparation of professionals in early childhood and the college is in the preparation of its bachelor's courses on the identical list with Fayoum University College of Education. The Cairo University Regulations shall apply to accredited hours.
. The College awards a bachelor's degree in Education, specializing in kindergartens according to one educational program.
     The College also grants degrees at the following postgraduate stage:
• The degree of vocational diploma in the education of kindergartens
• Special Diploma in Education in Kindergarten
• Master degree in pedagogy education
• Doctorate degree in education in kindergarten