Vision, Mission & Objectives

College Vision
"To raise the level of the graduate of the college to occupy a position and leadership of scientific and applied technology distinct between the departments and colleges corresponding regionally and globally" in the field of the profession and scientific research and seek to employ the results of scientific research in the service of society "

College Message
"The College of Kindergarten in Port Said is committed to the development of specialized teachers who contribute to meet the requirements of the local labor market and to carry out scientific research and activities aimed at serving the community in the field of childhood through its centers and units of a special nature within the framework of societal norms and values

In light of the vision of the College of Kindergarten and its mission, and environmental analysis, the College seeks to achieve the following strategic objectives, which are implemented during specific time stages:
The Strategic Objectives of the Faculty of Kindergartens of Port Said University:
The strategic objectives of the College of Port Said Kindergarten are determined in eight strategic objectives:
1- Improving organizational structure and financial resources in the college.
2. Develop systems and mechanisms to support students and graduates and encourage them to practice student activities and community service.
3. Develop learning and learning opportunities.
4 - The continuous development of the performance and capacity of faculty members and the supporting body and the leadership and staff of the College.
5. Activate the college's commitment to the values ​​of credibility and ethics in all practices.
6- Developing students' performance in the field of scientific research, community service and labor market.
7 - Continuing development of educational programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in light of the reference academic standards commensurate with the needs of the labor market and society.
8. Institutional evaluation and continuous evaluation of educational effectiveness.
Each of the strategic objectives has been transformed into a set of activities that formed the basic framework for the implementation plan that, in total, achieves the strategic objectives of the College at the end of the planned plan.