It is strictly forbidden to send the research directly to Mr. Professor, the instructor of the course, because the research is a substitute for the answer sheet. The research will be submitted to the honorable members of the three teams' control units to set the secret

And handing over the research to the faculty members and calling the college administration to the female students all quickly to send the research on the e-mail of each course or download it to the link sent to its e-mail and deal with the academic e-mail of the student and in the case of not sending it to the decision e-mail or the link sent to it on the academic email the student will be considered absent It will not be evaluated

In the case of sending the research more than once, the last transmission of the student will be dealt with during the day of transmission only, that is, if the research is repeated more than once during the day

In order to facilitate female students in sending and receiving research, and given the difficulties in sending and receiving from academic emails to technical problems related to Yahoo, today a link will be sent to each student in the third year on her academic email, she will take the following steps to the success and speed of the sending and receiving processes:

First: The student opens the link and a blank page appears

Second,: Right-click on the mouse and provide options

You choose to download files

Research files are all downloaded and sent
As of Sunday, December 22, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. Examinations for the first half of the 2019/2020 academic year for theoretical subjects for students graduating from the college where the students took the theoretical exams followed by the applied exams as found in the exam tables
It was decided to start the applied subjects examinations for the first semester of the academic year 2019/2020 for the students of the four bachelor stages to be on Wednesday, 11/12/2019 and continue until Sunday, 29/12/2019

Under the patronage of Dr. Shams El Din Shaheen, President of the

University, Prof. Dr. Nada El Husseini, Advisor to the President

University for Education and Student Affairs The student and student

competition was held on Tuesday, November 6th Ideal among

university faculties at the Student Activities Hall at the General

Administration for Youth Welfare of the University The college

participated in this competition And arbitrated it Prof. Rehab Farouk

Abdelkader, Faculty of Engineering Dr. Tarek El-Gabrony, Faculty of

Qualitative Education Dr. Tamer Al-Saeed _ Faculty of Science Mr.

Samia Farghaly - Director General of Youth Welfare of the University

Where the College won the third place at the level of the universities of

the College also won the Faculty of Education Cup student ideal and

won the Faculty of Law Cup ideal student.

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